ASB develops,   manufactures  &  sells  "stretch  blow  molding  machines"  for
producing plastic containers or bottles in all shapes & sizes.  Bottles  that  are
tough, light &  versatile enough to suit everyone's needs.
ASB  machines  are  able  to  produce bottles from many types of plastics, but 
the most widely used is PET (polyethyleneterephthalate).
Other   materials   that  can   be  molded   include    PP   (polypropylene),  PC 
(polycarbonate),     PE     (polyethylene),     SAN         (styrene-acrylonitrile), 
PS (polystyrene),  and  PEN  (polyethylene naphthalate).
The basic steps to transform preform to bottles

· Preform Injection molding

The original test-tube-like form from which the bottle is blown is known as "preform".

· Preform cooling

The preforms are cooled to a uniform temperature.

· Preform heating

The preform is heated by infrared heaters to the optimum temperature for stretch blowing.

· Stretch blow molding

The preform is stretched & blown with high pressure air to create the bottle shape.

· Finished bottle ejection

The finished bottles are ejected from the machine.