Traditionally, plastic bottle molding machines can be divided into two categories - those using the single-stage "hot preform" method & those using the two-stage "cold preform" method. The single-stage method, from PET granules to finished bottle, takes place in one machine. It is suitable for small & medium scale production lines. ASB was a pioneer of the single-stage method and remains a global leader in single-stage blow-molding machines. The two-stage method uses two separate machines. The preform is injection molded on the first, then reheated & blown in the second. This method is suitable for both medium- and large-scale production. Features of ASB machines
  High quality bottles  
     Advanced  molding  using  the   "cool preform"  method -  hot  preforms are
     cooled to a  uniform temperature for optimum bottle quality.
   Rapid  mold  changeover  
     Quick, easy attachment of molds, combined with IC memory card storage of 
     different molding  conditions, enables  rapid mold  changeover for  increased
     By re-designing both the machine & the molds, ASB has been  able to halve
     the machine size  while  maintaining the  output of  conventional  machines.
     In other words, the  new  machines  can almost  double  bottle  production
     from a  given space.
     ASB  has  been able to  decrease  the  number  of  mold  parts  and reduce
     running costs by minimizing electricity consumption.
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